Andapanda animals


Here are the andapanda animals I've made up to now. I've been wanting to make lots more animal friends for them but haven't had time so far. But next month I'm finally a bit less busy in the studio and am looking forward to being able to start work again on making more! I'll post photos as soon as they are born...

Aqui hay los animalitos andapanda que he hecho hasta ahora. Hace tiempo he querido crear mas amiguitos para ellos pero no he tenido tiempo. Por fin, el mes que viene no tengo tanto trabajo en el taller y podré empezar de nuevo en hacer más animalitos... tengo muchas ganas. Colgaré fotos de ellos aquí en cuanto nazcan...

andapanda - the first to be born...

little miss froggy

dragon - made for St Jordi's day here in Barcelona




red squirrel - although it's fair to say he looks a bit like fox here...
and last but not least - mr crocodile

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