Drap Art 08


Photos from my stall at Drap Art 08 International festival of artistic recycling at the CCCB museum, Barcelona just before Christmas.

The stall was full of buttons, badges, pocket mirrors, keyrings and cookie brooches made using all my leftovers of japanese fabric and leftover fabric from friends who design clothes. There were also a few bags ( I wanted to make more but ran out of time!) and purses with patchwork pockets using up all the little pieces of japanese fabric and earrings and necklaces made from vintage buttons.

the purses were made using off cuts and ecofelt - recycled from post consumer plastic bottles.

recycled fabric badges, pocket mirrors and cookie brooches
my first recycled bag! using leftover pieces of japanese fabric to make a patchwork design on the front.

here are a few of the other stalls... i would have taken more photos but it was pretty hard to take decent ones because the market was in the exhibition hall of the cccb museum and so there wasn't that much light! we were like vampires stuck indoors for 3 days!

papelicola - notebooks and sketchbooks made from recycled fabrics

children's toy kitchens made from recycled oil cans!

stools made from recycled oiled cans and upholstered with fabrics on the top

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